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#105243 - 08/14/12 06:03 PM Vibration in forced air incubator
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I just purchased a hovabator forced air incubator and it has a vibration from the fan motor. Is this normal? I would think it is bad for the eggs. I don't want to set any eggs if this isn't normal. I have adjusted the fan motor and it is installed correctly according to the directions.
Anyone out there know anything about this??

#105246 - 08/14/12 10:29 PM Re: Vibration in forced air incubator [Re: C5]
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The fan in my incubator doesn't vibrate. Take it back and try another.

#105248 - 08/14/12 11:21 PM Re: Vibration in forced air incubator [Re: Maria Ricardo]
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I agree with Maria Ricardo, if the machine is faulty.
However, I don't think the fact that the incubator/fan vibrates will affect the eggs.
This year I've had an incubator that is:
(a) Cracked with a hole in one end, and
(b) A fan that's rattling
Despite this I got 100% hatch rate with a small batch of 12 eggs. I would have been expecting perhaps 70% 75%. I admit "luck", for want of a better word was involved.
That said, incubation is a very delicate process. I've had times where I've tried to regulate everything precisely and got terrible results.
What is important is that the humidity and temperature (and air-flow) is well regulated.
To be on the safe side, it would be better to return the item and get a replacement in order to make sure your guarantee remains valid.
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#105252 - 08/15/12 05:00 AM Re: Vibration in forced air incubator [Re: mdenham]
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I will return the fan. Also, just wondering if you use an auto egg turner. I have one and it seems to have a very slight vibration going through the rack almost like a current vibration it is so light. I hope that won't effect the eggs. I don't know how old the eggs are because I purchased them from E bay and the post office isn't careful with the boxes. Can't wait to have an established flock so I can set my own eggs. Thanks so much for the help as I am new to incubation.

#105761 - 09/12/12 10:08 PM Re: Vibration in forced air incubator [Re: C5]
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C5, I see this was posted in August, I am wondering how the hatch turned out. You are pretty brave buying eggs on Ebay!

I have a Hovabator with a fan I added from a computer. It vibrates something fierce. I find the little plexiglass viewing windows in the lid work loose and they make a lot of noise. Make sure the lid and windows and all partst are firmly in place, no loose shaking bits.

Is the bator sitting on a hard surface? Try folding a towel or cloth of some sort and setting the bator on that, might absorb some of the vibrational shock.

I have never used an auto turner. I like to turn mine by hand, once a day. This gives me an opportunity to use my nose. When I open that bator, if I get a whiff of something 'off' then I know I better find that egg that is dead and going bad. If you hatch very dark or coloured eggs, sometimes they are very difficult to candle and you will have to get help from your nose. Turning by hand allows more opportunities to learn how 'good' eggs smell as opposed to bad eggs.

You're supposed to turn at least twice a day..right until you forget to turn for two days in a row then freak out and run down convinced they are all cooked to the inside of their shell, only to find out that your lazy turning didn't make one hair of difference. People get very hung up on how often to turn. It has been my experience that they will do fine with once a day and I often turn them right until I hear them peeping, usually because I forget what day it is! Oops, forgot, I am supposed to leave them alone now.

Eggs are both tougher and more fragile than we think. I know that makes no sense. But I've had eggs hatch when I did EVERYTHING wrong, and had total bombs when I did everything right's still a mystery to me.

I have hatched eggs in a Hovabator, in a styrofoam cooler, in an old RV fridge that had no door, just a blanket hanging over the front, and I have hatched in my big, black turkey roaster I use for Christmas dinner. Would you think chicks would hatch in a roaster with a light bulb underneath? They did! And believe me, everything said they shouldn't. So eggs are tough and tender and you never know what will happen. Don't worry too much about the vibration, it is probably more annoying to you than it is harmful to the eggs.


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