Our four year old rooster seems to be having trouble standing in the typical upright roo stance. He has begun to "set" like a hen on eggs. His tail is level or down, his wings are sometimes droopey, and he keeps hiding under his feed dish (mounted on the side of his night time pen) and under the ramp to his outside coop. (Perhaps looking for bugs?)

He is in his own large dog kennel (2X4) in the barn at night (as are his three nearby brothers) and in a large grassed run (4X8) during the day where he can see the other three roos (seperated by hardware cloth to prevent serious fighting). Night bedding is recycled chopped corn cob.

At first I thought he might have broken a leg because he seemed unable to walk well or far, but he is able to hop up to his roosting beam at night and "set" normally. He can also pull himself upright (including tail) and flap his wings when I ask him to. When I carry him, he uses one hand to rest his feet on while tucked under my other arm. His leg strength pushing on my hand seems normal. Last week he hardly crowed, then seemed fine, now today he seems listless again and his eyes are a bit dim.

His comb is upright. His stools are normal. His "happy to find food" and "lulling myself to sleep" noises are normal. He makes the loud "PEEP" noise. His crowing is there, just not as often as usual. I've given him chick starter in with his usual layer pellet tonight and his usual thimble full of cracked corn...their treat for coming in at night without pecking at "mom". He has lots of fresh water daily and I wipe the dish dry each night with a paper towel before refilling with fresh water. Weekly the dishes are wiped with diluted bleach and dried before re-filling. More than weekly if mucky.

Any suggestions? Is this a loss of muscle tone because he's getting old? I'll check back tomorrow to see if I should try anything else. Thanks in advance for your help!