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#10847 - 08/14/03 11:16 AM young hen not acting quite right

My hens are 7 weeks old today and all 22 were in excellent health until 2 days ago. 1 little hen is just not acting herself and it was easy to notice as everybody else is a going concern. She just kinda hangs out acting sleepy and is not really interested in what all the other girls are up to. This morning I gave them their treats and she just stayed in the coop. She finally went outside to see what the others were up to but didn't even try to eat the treats. I have seen her drinking water and pecking around a little bit. It just seems that she is acting sleepy most of the time. Any thoughts or suggestions. I haven't lost even 1 chick from this batch and I really don't want to lose one now.

#10848 - 08/16/03 04:13 AM Re: young hen not acting quite right
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General symptoms like these are commom with so many things its just hard to say what could be causeing it. I would isolate her and give nutritional support. Vitimins in her water. With her isolated you can tell how much she is eating and drinking. Also you can inspect her droppings, they often give some answers. Listen to her breathing. Inspect her real well for injery, weight loss or bugs. Let us know anything new you come across. Best of luck to you and her!


#10849 - 08/16/03 12:41 PM Re: young hen not acting quite right

As of this morning things are back to normal laugh She got all excited just like everyone else when I went into the coop the morning. Everybody likes to Peep all at once and see if I have treats for breakfast. No treats so I got the old miffed mad one eye look and everybody went outside to play. Who knows what was wrong as its not like she can come out and say whats up. I am just glad that all is well again. Knew it wasn't Cocci as they were vacinated. 24 Hour flu or something

#10850 - 08/16/03 06:33 PM Re: young hen not acting quite right
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Don't count on vaccination to prevent coccidiosis. Although there is such a vaccine, it is said to have limited value--and I have never heard of anyone who does it.

Your little bird doubtless had some problem--do they have baby grit?--if the little gizzards are not functioning well for foods besides their Starter ration, there could have been a problem there. But since all is well, not to worry!

However, whenever a bird is quieter than normal, depressed, or inactive, there IS something wrong, just watch the bird --often nothing serious, but watch! CJR


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