We have a small egg business and have recently expanded. We went from a) not having a winter market at all other than regulars who would drive out to the farm (last year and many years before that) to b) one commercial outlet (last autumn) to c) not being able to keep up with demand (last November) to d) oversupply after expansion (just after Christmas) to e) not being able to keep up with demand (now).

The problem is that Sandra lands every account she touches. In the last couple of weeks she has put our eggs in two grocery stores and as many convenience stores. The chain stores, like Casey's General Store, get all their stuff from corporate (in Iowa, of all places wink ) and won't buy anything from locals, so we don't bother with those. But managers of stores (and they are often female) that will buy from independent producers, for example locally owned grocery stores, just fall all over themselves when Sandra walks in. She sold a month's production in one day. What I mean by that is that she aquired the accounts and dedicated a month's worth of production in a single day. And all that without her mini-skirt (it's winter).

We have plenty of land to expand, but this is happening faster than I had imagined. She's having fun with this and when she's enjoying herself she get a little obsessed. I'm happy to be the work-horse and let her be the up-front person.

I have no idea how she does it. Some people just naturally have "IT", whatever "IT" is. I don't have "IT". She does.

This little egg business has been a lot of fun so far. The summer is when it is the most profitable and we sell directly to the public at our Farmers' Market. That's when we do the best. One has to be a little careful when selling wholesale to commercial outlets because margins are reduced and customers have different expectations from stores than when dealing directly with the producer.