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#10936 - 09/12/04 10:33 AM Re: Help me with serious mite problems!

Hm, well he just replied and said that any birds he sells are healthy enough, and that although he's sorry, he's not willing to pay anything. He says that since we picked them up, we saw the conditions they were living in and that if we thought that they were unsuitable we wouldn't have bought them. The conditions, while we were there, looked a little crowded, but not extraordinarily dirty... it was the conditions that they have and the way that those are transmitted that leads me to believe they weren't clean enough. I am a little bit at a loss... my parents say that small claims would just be too much work for a few hundred dollars. I am under 18, so that would work more me... I feel weird pushing the issue though, I've never handled informal buisness transactions in any form before, and being scandled on the first one I conduct isn't an auspicious beginning... I'll keep you guys posted.

#10937 - 09/12/04 12:15 PM Re: Help me with serious mite problems!
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I am sorry you haven't gotten any satisfaction from this jerk. What about contacting Consumer Affairs? In NJ whenever anyone makes a complaint to consumer affairs it begins a mediation of sorts. The 'business' is required to answer the complaint through the agency and since you have so much proof of the horrible condition these birds are in, you might get somewhere. At the very least your complaint will be on file and others who may consider purchasing from this seller can find out, with a call to CA, how many and what the nature of complaints are against the seller. I know there are 'Doggy Lemon Laws' for just this sort of situation. I am sorry that you have had such a bad experience so early on but remember that the squeaky wheel gets the oil!!! Really, if you show this guy that this is absolutely unacceptable and you are going to be a pain in the rear and pursue whatever action it takes who knows maybe he will settle. If he thinks you are just going to let it drop there is no way this guy is going to reach into his pockets. Good Luck and keep us posted

#10938 - 09/12/04 02:00 PM Re: Help me with serious mite problems!
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To make this simple, he doesn't think he did anything wrong. mad In the first place, if you're under 18, there should've been no contract to purchase in your name. A binding contract can only between people that are over the age of majority. Since he's going to make this hard, I'd see who you might have for a local TV station consumer reporter. We have Hank Phillipi Ryan and Susan Wornick. The baddies cave when these girls get going.
If none of this works, then, unfortunately, you've learned a life lesson. Make sure to pick up and examine each bird before it leaves the property.

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