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#109737 - 05/31/13 02:05 PM Genotype of czech gold brindle chicken
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Do anyone know the genotype of this colour? Inquiring mind want to know... all sources I have seen seem to skip this.

#109738 - 05/31/13 06:52 PM Re: Genotype of czech gold brindle chicken [Re: Bodlinka]
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Welcome to the coop. We were trying to discuss this colour in this thread:

In my opinion the e-locus is one of the eb-like ones(e^bc or e^s ) and definitely Pg. The cocks have often an extensive leakage of pheomelanin on the breast, so perhaps Mh and then diluted by Di??(hen is rather light gold). It's just only a speculation. Somebody just needs to outcross them to e+ and see what segregates. Otherwise you will be guessing to the end of time.

#109740 - 06/01/13 12:54 AM Re: Genotype of czech gold brindle chicken [Re: Wieslaw]
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I too noted the equalized groundcolor on the hen and the breast color of the roo.

The difference with the quality of the gold pencilled wyandotte could the absence of the slow feathering gene. Just thinking aloud.

#109761 - 06/03/13 10:46 PM Re: Genotype of czech gold brindle chicken [Re: Henk69]
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What a stunning color variety! Wow! Just lovely!

#117150 - 04/15/18 01:12 AM Re: Genotype of czech gold brindle chicken [Re: a3riverschick]
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The Pencilled and Partridge Wyandottes have a lot of black in the phaeomelanin areas which is why the ground colour of blue partridge looks so different. The Czech hen maybe is e+ as there is less black there.

#117166 - 05/13/18 05:44 PM Re: Genotype of czech gold brindle chicken [Re: Hebe]
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From the same thread Wieslaw gave, the following post:

Originally Posted By: KazJaps
In the Db DNA testing study:

Gunnarsson et al.
The Dark brown plumage color in chickens is caused by an 8.3-kb deletion upstream of SOX10.
Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. 2011 Apr;24(2):268-74. doi: 10.1111/j.1755-148X.2011.00825.x. Epub 2011 Jan 25.

The Db mutation was extracted & sequenced from a Leghorn experimental line (Obese strain). The same Db mutation was DNA sequenced in:

- Friesian Fowl
- Fayoumi
- Westfalische Totleger

They also DNA tested 5 "Czech Golden Pencilled" & none of these had Db.

I imagine these Czech Golden Pencilled are the same as in the following thread, & posted on page 8 here (ie concentric pencilling).

-The Coop: Genotype of czech gold brindle chicken

So that is clear evidence that there is a partial eumelanin restrictor other than Db in these secondary patterned varieties (probably in some pullet-line Partridge Wyandottes too).

It would be good to DNA test German Braungebandert Wyandottes for Db.

- Braungebändert (& other) photos.

#117169 - 05/13/18 06:46 PM Re: Genotype of czech gold brindle chicken [Re: KazJaps]
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I' ve selected a posting of mine which gives a good impression, that this kind of feather pattern can be found also in other breeds
Furthermore I've added a portrait of the golden brindled hens (which was often used in the past, and which show the difference between the golden and the silver version.
In the silver flock the pattern/feather seems to be narrower in some birds.
The golden flock displays a rounder (more harmonic) pattern with more "space/volume", and the pattern seems to have more contrast (despite the mossy dust/stippling)than the silver flock, but I love the silver version, as it has potential to achieve the same majestic appearance as the golden brindled hens, with strong contrast in penciling (even if surrounded with soft mossy clouds on this bright silver ground colour.



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