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#106285 - 10/22/12 05:25 PM Re: Looking for a Manure tray for under roost ? [Re: Fowled Out]
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We just bought two plastic underbed storage boxes (20" x 35"), cut off one end on each, slid them together and bolted them.. Then we filled it about half way with pine shavings and fitted some 1 x 2" fencing over the top and wired it in place. We put a hole in one end so that when it comes time to empty it, I can slip in a dowel stick with a rope attached, pull it out of the hen house to the compost pile, dump it out and refill it with shavings. I think this will greatly reduce the number of times I'll need to clean out the whole hen house. I have 12 girls in an 8 x 8 foot house.

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#106295 - 10/22/12 10:44 PM Re: Looking for a Manure tray for under roost ? [Re: Loubelle48]
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I have a high shelf for my roost boxes (warmest part of the house in winter, and actually 2 roosts to fly up to, one about 3 feet from the floor (preening and daytime resting roost), and one in front of the high roost shelf to fly up to. I use wood boxes (old fruit boxes), lined with plastic and a few shavings. Two roost boards nailed over the top is a comfy place to sleep. This is for a trio. Larger pens,with 5 or 6 birds, have two boxes side by side. Empty about every two months, shavings on plastic dump clean, and no smell. Keeps the floor a lot cleaner. Pens are about 3x6 for a trio, 5 x 6 for 4-6 birds--6 foot ceiling. My nests (cardboard boxes with a hole cut in the side), are on a shelf below the roost shelf and the lower day-roost is the flyup help. Nest boxes are just replaced by clean ones after hens set and hatch. The roosting boxes (I couldn't handle the weight of larger trays) are easy to dump, and I am sure you enjoy a cleaner floor for your house with your trays. We can make caring for our birds easier by being creative and thinking like a chicken? Enjoy.(For instance, the classic ramp up to roosts just takes space on the floor, hard for us to manuver, and--chickens like to fly up to their roosts! And it is good exercise for cooped up birds. CJR

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#109753 - 06/02/13 07:53 PM Re: Looking for a Manure tray for under roost ? [Re: Fowled Out]
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We use "Rubbermaid" bins under the roosts, makes clean out a breeze, the whole bin gets pulled out and dumped in a compost pile.
Floors stay much cleaner.

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