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#110096 - 07/16/13 12:10 AM Hen won't open Eyes
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My hen has gone light, won't eat or drink and won't open her eyes. We have been crop hydrating her as initially thought it was dehydration/heat stroke with the hot weather over here in England, but she is still weak, still won't open her eyes and seems to have a fever.
Any ideas?

#110097 - 07/16/13 12:56 AM Re: Hen won't open Eyes [Re: LisaC]
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Could be any number of things that is wrong. Often a hen will hide her symptoms so the others wont pick on her, and by the time you notice she's unwell, whatever ails her is already well developed. Try putting some honey in the water you are giving her. 1 tsp per breakfast cup of tepid water. Often the honey will give the hen a needed boost of energy which can sometimes trigger eating. Offer her little treats like some boiled mashed egg, boiled rice, porridge, or fresh grapes.
Keep her isolated from any other hens, in a quiet place away from drafts.
Do be very careful hydrating her. It is very easy to get fluid down into her airway, but it sounds as if you are using a tube, which is much safer. If her fever is viral, you will have to let it run its course, but bacterial needs to be treated with antibiotics. I do not know if you have to get drugs through a vet in UK, or not, but I have had good success with Baytril with hens with a variety of respiratory fevers.
A member posted this a long time ago.
Originally Posted By: Rob2
I have given many asprin to fowl. I used 1 whole for 4-5 lb. bird, would use 1/2 daily for bantam. Hold the beak closed after pushing down with eraser end of pencil, massage throat till swallowed. You can feel the pill in throat. lubricating the pill can be an aid.
Maybe asprin could bring down the fever. I haven't used it myself, but many others on the Coop have. A search will find further notes about it. You could also crush on into the honeyed water.


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