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#111336 - 01/10/14 12:36 AM Re: Yogurt to manage cocci infections [Re: jonnydot]
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By Jon Baldwin on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 9:43pm


Purchase a bottle of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) *Note:- This in this form is poisonous and highly caustic (it will burn you're skin) and a bottle of non chlorinated water and a tub of natural yogurt


H2O2 contains 1 more oxygen atom of water. H2O2 is what white blood cells make to oxidize and expel foreign bodies,alive and innate & is a basic requirement for good health. Vitamin C is in fact the Agent needed for an immune system to make H2O2 ,this is why you are always told to take extra .H202 also stimulates enzyme's throughout a body , this triggers an increase in metabolic rate & in turn builds & allows more and stronger white blood cells to attack infections.

Mix a dose into a dark eye dropper bottle and refrigerate, place the 35% solution in the freezer (( away from children who may think it is a frozen treat) (freezes @ -2oC)),give regular probiotics such as natural yogurt to promote good Bacterial Flora


Mix 1 (one) drop of H2O2 TO 12 drops of non chlorinated water


Give internally via an eye dropper 3 drops three times a day for ten days then 2 drops once a day for for 3 weeks.*The bird may appear to worsen this is so, as the body is expelling infections more readily,via sneezing , coughing , head shaking and more Urates in the pheases , and draws more energy to do this . Extra vitamins and protein will expedite this expulsion and build the birds strength

#111352 - 01/10/14 08:48 PM Re: Yogurt to manage cocci infections [Re: jonnydot]
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Do never such experiments and use this internally.
The best is to use an Antibiotic!
After that You can use Yoghurt aswell!

#111353 - 01/10/14 09:15 PM Re: Yogurt to manage cocci infections [Re: Redcap]
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Yes, use the Sulmet (or other treatment) to kill the cocci, which also kills all the"good" bacteria in the intestines--strictly according to directions-- Then add the natural plain Yoghurt to the feed, which will replace the good stuff and get the bird absorbing nutrients again.

#111416 - 01/14/14 10:01 AM Re: Yogurt to manage cocci infections [Re: CJR]
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The above recipe is not for cocci treatment ,merely as a booster to waylay secondary infections,H2O2 is made naturally with a body ,the use of this is to build up reserves,I have used this along with Pelargonium Sidoides to treat and cure Diptheric pox (wet pox)

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