took advice from a friend on another forum on what type gene could cause this random feathering pattern.
did little google for info yet found almost nothing on it.
i reworded the article and posted info on that forum
but i am not 100% sure the info sited is correct.
thanks for looking i have been searching the net for
forums now with heavy minded pepp's steeped in knowledge
of gene symbols and was l guided here. from a very well set up gene calculator link. that work is amazing. thank you for the help
here is the pic's of my birds and the message i posted.

observable characteristics of rt inherited instruction.

DTX_P2 line.
rough-textured feather
phenotype symbol rt
this recessive gene looks to be captured
if i understand what others have tagged sh!!ty feather gene.
DTX_P1 line carried this trait as well.
yet only in what looks to be the 50% recessive splits "also noted they are the jumbo XL in size"
278+ grams at 5.5 weeks old.
280-315by 42 day's
phenotype wild color pattern with a splash of white feather on upper wing are.
none of the smaller then PAR sized wild type color birds have this
extremely rough look to the natural feather pattern.
also noted these bird are richer in color in the fawn and rust hued areas


Genetic analysis by C. W. Roberts, J. E. Fulton
was posted in the Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology, 1979
i was unable to find much net info in this area of J C Coturnix genetic gene symbols of inherited traits at all.

note: this is DTX_P2 line pictured here.
P1 Line has lost most of the tag feathers due to breeding. i love the feather bling it is so cool!

this rises a ? here has the recessive white trait and the phenotype rt gene
been captured together in a line as of yet? White color phase and rough feather gene.

31 years ago when dad and I raised well over 300 breeding trio's of this little jewel
i now wish i would have paid more attention but at that age nocturnal activity ranked higher

edit: i was having trouble uploading files