2_nd generation from DTX_Line

JC Coturnix Splits
Hybrid color cross Watural Wild X White Recessive.
maybe 5 or so of these chicks are from here P line.
I lost her and she was the largest of all females.
she got to big to walk around just laid around feed bowl
she was obese! excess body fat along breast center median
was abnormally bright yellow and thick as was other heavy laid in fat areas.
is it posable this line of J C Coturnix has captured a obese gene?

first days type of diet/food Rachen

357 grams/almost 13 ounces not sure how much weight was lost before i found her.
i was out of town.

LOL, i just noticed my scale it is from WEIGHT WATCHERS
"Ironic Obese" over eating was her demise.