Backyard Chickens, Dec./Jan has a nice article about Steve Gould and his Dutch Bantams.

Poultry World, Jan/Feb has an article which lists the correct standard description of the "true" Dutch.

Most breeders of Dutch are showing/breeding DUTCH BANTAMS that display the corrected standard language: "BACK: Rounded without a sharp or angular transition up the tail. SHANKS: short...Colour to conform to colour of plumage. WINGS: Relatively large and long, rounded at the tips, carried low and BACKWARDS without touching the ground--more so in the male than the females. carried close to the body so that the tips almost touch underneath the body".....

This language is translation from the DUTCH Standards of Holland, and all other countries, except US/CAN. We are breeding/showing DUTCH with the corrections, with more and more of our hatches, and have DUTCH in the US/CAN, that would be awarded VERY GOOD scores in Exhibitions in Holland/UK/ other countries.

Happy New Year grin

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