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#114525 - 06/24/15 02:05 PM recently broody hen, easily agitated, very timid
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About a month ago, I acquired five hens including a yellow/gold colored bird. The previous owner told me that the yellow/gold hen had recently been broody. As a consequence, this hen has lost weight. I let her out first so that she can eat and drink without the competition from the other birds. This yellow /gold bird does not bear confinement well. She is easily agitated by other birds, sounds, and people. When I pick her up she screams at the top of her lungs. She often roosts facing away from the other hens, probably because of being pecked in the face so often. In the morning, I often find her hiding her head in some dark recess of the coop

The other four hens have adjusted to their new environment.
Any thoughts about managing a hen that is not adjusting to the new living conditions?

#114535 - 06/25/15 04:54 AM Re: recently broody hen, easily agitated, very timid [Re: flockofsix]
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In my experience (limited) you may find that this hen will remain an outcast. If you are lucky, the others may just ignore her, if you are unlucky, she could be bullied to the point of injury or worse. If you added some more chickens the pecking order may change. Sometimes there's nothing you can effectively do. Chickens can be ruthless. Good luck, in time perhaps things will settle down a bit.

#114539 - 06/25/15 11:35 AM Re: recently broody hen, easily agitated, very timid [Re: Robbie]
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Even "hatched and raised together" pullets/hens, good friends, are no longer friendly, and are often truly aggressive, after one has been broody, sets and hatches chicks, raises them, and then is returned to her group after weaning the babies. They treat her as a stranger and for me, it means another pen for her--and maybe a trial one hen added from her earlier pen. That may not work either. Robbie is so right--she may never be accepted back. We have to work it out--think like an upset hen??? Good luck.


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