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#11525 - 12/16/07 06:12 PM 2 Silkies dead in one week
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I acquired 12 Silkies about three months ago. All looking healthy and beutiful and they were in an outside pen. I now have them in an old barn in a large dog kennel. I have a closed top on it and put thermal blankets around three sides with a heat lamp to keep them warmer. The temp here is about 10 degrees and snow. 2 of my silkies died this week in their sleep. I don't know what happen. Do I need to feed them anything special in the cold weather or are they lacking something? I feed them cracked corn and premium layer feed.

#11526 - 12/16/07 09:33 PM Re: 2 Silkies dead in one week
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A heat lamp can cook chickens in an enclosed compartment--a closed up dog kennel and a heat lamp could be lethal, as well as a fire hazard. Did you check the temperature in the kennel, with a thermometer?. Actually, Silkies can handle cold down to freezing, quite well, and an 75W incandescant globe in a reflector, will give them quite a bit or heat. They do need ventilation and enclosing the kennel that much, may keep too much humidity--not good for any chickens. Do you have low box-roosts for them? Shavings for bedding will keep them dry and give something to scratch in? Their bedding must not be wet or have ammonia fumes! Feed sounds adequate, alll they can eat of Layer RAtion and not too much corn, and they need Oystershell and Grit, free choice, water available to all the birds. Hard to say what happened, if they have a LARGE kennel (not a shipping kennel) as they should not be crowded at any time. Check the rest of the birds for mites--vent area clean. Are they in good weight? Very sad to lose lovely birds, and hope you can adjust things for their well being. Good luck, CJR


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