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#116622 - 05/17/17 09:46 AM Eumelanin Restriction and Pheomelanin Enhancement
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This guy came out of a cross of unknown parents. Obviously one of the two turken hens from the time, but the father could be a number of birds. When looking at his pigment distribution, one can see the pheomelanin leaking or suppressing eumelanin in the breast and darkened pheomelanin on the back and saddle, especially. I'm assuming he's wheaten-based or het. wheaten based on the white down, but what is causing the difference in the shading and distribution of the pheomelanin?

I was thinking Db, but wouldn't that make him look more New Hampshire or RIR? Mh is my next suspect, but I didn't see it in the parent flock.

If it helps, the two possible dams are a wheaten-based orange/red turken hen with columbian restriction except for some leaking melanizers OR a black turken hen. The father could be white silkie mutt with any number of mutations, or a Salmon Faverolles.



#116627 - 05/19/17 01:16 PM Re: Eumelanin Restriction and Pheomelanin Enhancement [Re: zackcrack]
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Can you make a picture what happens at the down side?

Things that are sure up to now:
1) mother is a naked neck
2) if you mean pure Salmon faverolle with silver, then he is totally rulled out(unless split for S/s+, heterozygous for leg feathering and beard)
3)wheaten based possible
4)On anything < ER, both Db and Co would remove eumelanine from the breast and the wing bar
5)Nobody will answer what makes the difference in shadings of pheomelanine.
6) Silkie mutt theoretically possible, but it would be unbelievable that all the dominant traits like leg feathering, crest, skin color, earlobes,beard,comb and so on were "left out" all together. Comparable to winning in a lottery perhaps...

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#116635 - 05/22/17 08:46 AM Re: Eumelanin Restriction and Pheomelanin Enhancement [Re: Wieslaw]
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I'll have to get a picture of his underside, but I forgot that I have at least one picture of him at a younger stage. I'll try to attach it.

The silkie roo really isn't your ideal silkie; he's a feed store chick. He lacks the foot feathering, full crest, and muff-beard. However, from a few crosses done with the silkie to some other birds, I know that he carries the following:

Po/po+ - Polydactly
Heterozygous for at least one incompletely dominant white allele operating from an unknown locus/loci.


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