i took in these 2 roosters as the person with them couldnt keep them due to the crowing in the city....
they are young in these photos... tails have grown somemore.
but they have a lot of red in the plumage and the combs, wattles seem light to me. i saw a thread on byc forum about red black sumatras, but they were mainly black with just a little leakage if red.
my gut instinct is they're a cross... especially as they are from a classroom breeding project and parents are unknown (nor is hatchery/farm source) i'm thinking maybe black breasted red phoenix, but figured i'd check with others who know the breed better than I. I only had one hen but gave her away.

so opinions... red black sumatras or a sumatra cross (with bbr phoenix or something else)? would a cross to a 'chipmunk' chick downed breed clarify if its the cross i'm suspecting?

Alan ~ Far West Chicago Suburbs