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#116934 - 11/30/17 11:51 AM Pheasaucana
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I'm going to try a cross with Silver Pheasant males over silver Ameraucana chicken females...both bantam and large fowl.

This is just for the fun of it with the goal to end up with chickens in a couple/few generations that have some pheasant traits.
The second year I plan to put hybrid males over chicken females and maybe even chicken males over hybrid females. Again I hope to work on both bantam and large fowl, so that could be four breeding pens.

I've done many internet searches on this subject and would appreciate hearing of any experiences you all have had, along with quotes, links, etc. to more information.

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#116935 - 11/30/17 03:02 PM Re: Pheasaucana [Re: John]
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Unfortunately there are not many detailed documentations about Pheasant & Gallus crosses, where You can find descriptions about phenotype, like Coloration of plumage, Comb shape/Wattles (Yes/No?)
Eight Years ago there was an article on the polish poultry site Woliera about a cock with the name Bato.
It was claimed, that he was a hybrid of a Golden Pheasant and a mongrel chicken.
First I tended to believe the claim, but after reading Wheeler et al. (1910) I have my doubt - even this described hybrid was based on a Ringneck Pheasant, the offspring had a low/flat comb and wattles were absent.
The unresolved question is, whether Pheasant-Chicken hybrids can have such combs, which can usually be seen only in Redcaps or Rose comb crosses (e.g. in Wyandottes)?

I made no research with the data mentioned in McCarthy (2006, page 44), whether they could resolve the mystery, if rose combs in Pheasant hybrids are possible.
Go to the end of the page 44

Well - I have extracted the references for Pheasant & Gallus hybrids from the literature/bibliography of McCarthy (2006, page 44) finally.
Some day I will watch through for indications, whether rose combs can be possible in Pheasant hybrids.

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#116936 - 12/01/17 03:47 PM Re: Pheasaucana [Re: Redcap]
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While interspecies hybrids are not that rare even in nature , the biggest question for me still remains "what's the next step". Does any information exist, whether anybody succeeded to go beyond F1? The barrier of infertility was broken at least once in the past according to Swedish scientists (yellow skin gene stemming from Grey Junglefowl) within the same genus. But it is outside the genus.

In Poland the wild hybrids between blackcocks and capercaillies have been known for centuries, but they were always infertile.

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I've noticed in my online searches that when it comes to pheasant/chicken hybrids silver pheasant (Lophura nycthemera) males over chicken females produce viable chicks more than other pheasants.

Originally Posted By:
A.P.Grey's "Bird hybrids" lists numerous crosses between Domestic fowl and other types of fowl. They can be crossed, and produce fertile offspring, with silver pheasants, red junglefowl and green jungle fowl. They have also produced hybrids with peafowl, chachalacas, capricale, grouse, quail, currassows, pheasants and guans.

Does anyone have a link to this Bird Hybrids book?

Originally Posted By:
yes the silver pheasant can cross with both the golden pheasant and chickens ; the males are reduced fertility and the females are sterile until the fourth back cross .

It is interesting that the Chicken-Pheasant hybrid, Bato, had feathered legs and so does one on Feathersite.
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