Any idea what could have killed my pullet? She was a 12 week old RIR inside the secere pen laying next to the fence with no sign of a hole in it (1" chicken wire). There was a small hole in the front of her neck and the ants were on her. The head and neck feathers were matted a little, but not sure if it could have been a snake or maybe from blood. All of the others were fine (32) and were staying away from her. Since they are secure and there was no brakedown in the fence I am concerned about the rest of them. Also, my roo (which is in a separate coop/pen area) was acting funny. He was crowing inside the coop and sitting up in a nesting box. This made me think there was something down on the floor. I thought about opening the coop door but did not want a snake coming out at me even with a shovel in my hands (chicken eek ). I went around to open the nesting box which made him come out of the coop. I work nights and this was when I first got home in the am so it must have happened that night as I am out there a few times a day. Any thoughts on this and how I can protect them if it is a snake? Do snakes go for chickens? I guess she could have died from something internal and there was no predator. Please let me know what you think about the snake and or any other thing that could have killed it without a brakedown in the fence frown . Also, I posted this in the poultry management thinking I was in health, sorry confused