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#117466 - 09/10/19 05:34 PM On Mottling and recent allelic mutations found
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Due to recent genetic mapping of the mottling allele(Endothelin Receptor B2 or EDNRB2 ) research have been able to identify at least four allelic mutations of the recessive mottling gene,

Research work by Japanese team: responsible for two mutation confirmation(mo^w and mo^j)

Research work by Blacksburg, Virginia Team: responsible for two mutations(mo/mo and mo^d/mo^d)

mo^w/mo^w = Breed: White Minohik - The most extreme of recessive mottling mutations, a solid white bird: Cys244Phe amino acid substitution in EDNRB2( the researchers have given the mutation the official nomenclature of mo^w so this take precedence over any other claims)

mo^j/m^j = Breeds: Mottled/Exchequer Japanese Chabo and in Mottled Japanese breeds Pekins: Arg332His amino acid substitution in EDNRB2(no official designation was given to the mutation by the research at thet time so I propose mo^j/mo^j for Japanese mottling)

mo/mo = recessive Mottling(breeds sequenced: Houdan, Speckled Sussex, Spangled OEG): Ala228Thr amino acid substitution in EDNRB2

mo^d/mo^d = Breed: Mille Fleur and Black Mottled D'uccle, the research found that no mutation was present and it was identical to the wildtype Mo+ allele, but they went ahead and speculated that it may be a different mutation on the EDNRB2 but on a non-coding region. non-coding DNA is often incorrectly referredjunk DNA (no official designation has been given to the mutation so I propose mo^d/mo^d for D'uccle)

mo^w Chick down: White Minohik(Wheaten based)

mo^j chick down: Mottled Japanses Chabo

mo chick down: mottled OEG

mo^d chick down: Black Mottled D'uccle:

Of all of the chick down the one that is the least affected by mottling is the Mottled D'uccle, The black/blue mottled D'uccle hatch just like regular black ones and with time they start showing their mottling, this is due to the fact that their mottling mutation is identical to Mo+(wildtype) on the encoding region of the allele.

Due to the remarkable resemblance to mottling, the research team did not rul out that D'uccle have a non-coding DNA muation on the EDNRB2 allele, but it may be not entirely improbably that its just a different mutation all together(with different allele location)

These birds are the result of a cross between bantam mottled cochin and mille fleur D'uccle, the result is E/eb, Co/co+ s+ mo/mo^d

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#117467 - 09/13/19 05:46 AM Re: On Mottling and recent allelic mutations found [Re: Marvin]
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thanks for the review of recent research on mottling.

I'm tinking of all the breeds where D'Uccles where breed in to get a better mille de fleur pattern, or to introduce lemon mille de fleur and porcelain.

#117469 - 09/20/19 12:56 AM Re: On Mottling and recent allelic mutations found [Re: dingsda]
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Thank you Marvin. A good summary.

With the following mottled Cochin bantam x Millefleur d'Uccle cross, do you know if the F1 eventually mottled up?
These birds are the result of a cross between bantam mottled cochin and mille fleur D'uccle, the result is E/eb, Co/co+ s+ mo/mo^d

I had given Exchequer Jap bantams and Splash Millefleur d'Uccles to someone, they accidentally crossed, produced Blue Mottled with good mottled phenotype. So from this I would say the Jap allele was on the same locus as the d'Uccle allele (considering both mo locus alleles were recessive to Mo+).The Exchequer Japs were E or ER based (tested with eWh/eWh B.T.White hen) yet chick down was solid white/cream or white with a small pigment dot on the head. So these had the same allele or very similar allele to the Japanese research lines.


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