I have a speckled Sussex and a lavender orpington that have sour crop. I have no idea what brought it on or if there is an underlying condition causing it. I have dealt with crop problems many time and they always seem to elude me as far as the correct treatment. I had an older Sussex that I worked with for 2 months until I finally got it cleared with colloidal silver at a rate of dosing her 20 mils 2x a day. that was after trying just about any sour crop treatment that is available on the web.
I have tried

There is also a hard molt that's been going on for the last 3 weeks in almost the entire flock.

the secret spice mix - no go
vage cream ( both monostat 2% and clotrimazole 2% ) 1ml 3x a day - no go
stool softeners (Dulcolax) to get things moving - no go
organic coconut oil - no go
mineral oil to get things moving - no go
krill oil to get things moving - no go
epsom salts water dosing - no go
colloidal silver - I'm not positive this stuff works - I think it does but not for certain
Acidified copper sulphate - sometimes it works and sometimes it does not

these 2 birds are 5 years and 3 years old respectively .
I am currently dosing them with acidified copper sulphate mixed 1/4 tsp to 1 gallon of water and syringing it down their gullet 20mls at a time 2x a day.
this is day 3 and I don't see much improvement .

I have vomited the big buff 3 or 4 times and it seems to have helped reduce the amount of liquid that's building in her crop daily.

Is there opinions about the so called garlic water cure and how its made ?

is there any opinions about switching from ACS to colloidal silver to attack the problem ? .

The last time I dosed colloidal silver I did so 20-25mls 2x a day down the girls gullet via 1ml syringe.

Any help would be appreciated.
Im a new member and want to say thanks.

for reference, this is the silver im talking about

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