Sorting out piles of Dutch Bantam materials, I have located many Printouts of material on many subjects from The Classroom! I hope you have printed and saved the good and helpful articles from years past!!!! Among my many printouts of answers to questions--not just mine, are long-time-ago answers of Dr Okimoto, and others. And was especially pleased to find an 8 page private message from KazJaps on the Speckled Sussex--a breed I was interested in acquiring "sometime". It was from A.O.Schilling and I would never have located the material. Just 2 years ago, I did obtain Speckled Sussex laying hens and now have some good reading about them and their breeding! This is an especial Thanks to KazJaps, but also to all those whose time and efforts I appreciated enough to PRINT their answers and are now being better sorted to be a reference file I could never have collected without The Classroom. Search and PRINT You will not regret it. THANKS TO ALL

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