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#117541 - 02/14/21 11:42 PM Incubating eggs preserved in lime
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There is an old method of preserving eggs in lime called Water Glassing. It was used before refrigeration to save eggs for winter use.

Does anyone have input on whether this method of preservation could extend the viability of hatching eggs?

Here's an article that describes water glassing:

#117542 - 02/19/21 11:57 PM Re: Incubating eggs preserved in lime [Re: RyanZierke]
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Just recently read an article on eating an egg buried in a closed container in Water Glass for 60 YEARS! It was edible (NOT ME), and had a thick "covering" over the eggs, under the shell, around the "inner" egg and eaten, it was not delicious, but edible! I do not believe an egg submerged in Water Glass would hatch. Hatching eggs need to be turned at intervals-- Unwashed, clean eggs will keep--and hatch, kept at room temperature, or cool basement in heat of summer, in cartons that are raised by one end, with ends reversed once or twice a day. After 2 weeks can expect good hatches and 3 weeks, most will hatch. Eggs should be dated, day of lay. Can replace from end of carton as freshest addition eggs keep the 2 weeks limit. I hen-hatched with bantams, and chose the freshest 6-8 eggs (parents band numbers also on the eggs) and some from different breeding pens, so that with luck, sexes might match to offer same hatch youngsters, raised together, as suitable birds to breed on with best type and known varieties. Small incubators, if you do not have setters. You know that a free range hen can sneak a nest. She may lay an egg every day or most days--and maybe 21or more eggs will be there when she sets and she can be expected to bring in a full hatch--or maybe the last egg will not make it before she leaves with her chicks. If you find it, and can keep it warm, you might hatch it, too. and in a day or two, can add it to her clutch! Good luck....


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