Indian Coffee recipe
I want to share my favorite Indian coffee recipe. Indian Espresso Coffee made without an espresso machine.
Instant Coffee Powder - 1 tbsp.
Granulated Sugar - 2 tbsp. (alter according to your taste)
Milk - 1 cup (240 ml)
Water - 1 tsp.
Cocoa Powder - To sprinkle on top (optional)

In a coffee mug, put instant coffee powder and sugar. Add 1 tsp. water and mix.
With a spoon, start beating the mix vigorously. You have to incorporate as much air as you can. That will give you the whipped frothy coffee-sugar mix. The more you beat, the mix will become pale in color. Make sure your mix is whipped and creamy enough.
Heat a cup of milk and pour it over the whipped coffee-sugar paste. Stir. Sprinkle cocoa powder and serve immediately.
Of, course who have a coffee maker - it would be easier to prepare.

To make more than 1 cup, prepare the coffee-sugar paste in a bowl. Divide the pasta equally into each coffee mug and pour hot milk. Stir and serve.

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