I need help. My 6 month old hen ate some longer then normal grass on august 4th. The next day, I noticed her crop was abnormally full. I kept food and water and isolated her for 2 days. I then gave her coconut oil with some grit mixed in. She didn't like that much, so then I switched to plain yogurt with a little grit and some of her layer feed mixed in. She wasn't making much improvement. I found a few videos on cinnamon mixed into the yogurt, so I tried that, still not much improvement. I then tried the cinnamon, chili powder, ginger powder, water, baking soda, and lemon juice mixture, That still didn't help.This whole time I have been massaging the crop several times a day. There aren't any vets that will treat chickens in my area, so I went on just answer and one of the vets on there told me to give 3cc of Metamucil and papaya enzyme mixed with water. I did that and her crop get worse. I have been feeding her eggs twice a day for the last several day. Since it was over two weeks with very little improvement I turned to YouTube and watched as many videos as I could on crop surgery. I got all my supplies and attempted the empty the crop. I made my incisions, but I was unable to get deep enough to get the crop open and emptied. I didn't feel comfortable enough to continue, so now she's resting in a tote in the house with a small bowl of water with papaya enzyme mixed in. My question is since there aren't any vets in my area, if. I keep feeding the eggs and papaya enzymes what are the chances of her crop emptying? How long might it take to empty? (It's already been over 2 weeks) Am I at the point of where I need to let nature take it's course? Is there anything else I could try that I haven't tried already. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.