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#11819 - 07/04/06 08:57 PM twisted beak

Hi I'm new to this but need help. Had some chicks hatch out in a incubator on the 17 of July everything went fine now one of them has a twisted beak it's bottom beak is twisted to the side it's eating fine not looking sick. What should I do? eek

#11820 - 07/05/06 07:27 AM Re: twisted beak
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Watch as grows older. If has problems eating can trim slightly. I have one with twisted beak eats fine and never had a problem. She compensated for it.

#11821 - 07/05/06 08:42 AM Re: twisted beak
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It is a deformity, and you may be able to "correct" it by using a Dog Nail Nippers to shave the beak, just a bit at a time, and help it to match. Since the beak grows continually, it has to be done every month or so. CJR

#11822 - 07/05/06 06:26 PM Re: twisted beak

Thanks will just wait and see. I was worried that I would have to put it down glad that I don't. I bought the eggs off the internet I had that one come out with the beak twisted and one is blind any advice about it any thing please. I'm worried that when it gets big enough to put with the other chickens they will hurt it.

#11823 - 08/04/06 07:57 PM Re: twisted beak
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My neighbor had a blind hen since birth and didn't want to care for her. I took her and although she's blind, she can free-range with the rest of them. Every night she makes it back into the coop. The great thing is, you would never guess she had no sight. Personally, I think you'll be fine.

#11824 - 05/31/07 12:46 PM Re: twisted beak
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I'd like to request some more more details on the process of correcting a twisted beak with Dog Nail Nippers or other beak shavers.

#11825 - 06/01/07 11:57 PM Re: twisted beak
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There are two forms of twisted beak: deformity because of growing in the egg, this can be corrected. And inherited one which is a reason not to breed with these birds.
The last one occurs after birth in the first weeks. You mostly notice it after some 4-8 weeks when it becomes obviously.
If no breedingstock it's not a problem, if breedingstock don't use it.


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