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#12025 - 03/21/06 08:00 AM dead rooster..
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Hi all, this morning I found my 2 and a half year old Hamburg roo, JoJo, dead on the coop floor. Looked like he just fell off the roost. No indications of any external damage, no wounds, pecking etc. His crop was soft, comb looked good. He was fine yesterday, no obvious signs of any problems. The only thing I found was a few scattered body lice on him. Could this have killed him? If it was lice, wouldn't I have seen some kind of health deterioration and listlessness? I know unless I do an autopsy that most likely I would never know the cause but my question is about the lice. This was my roo that survived my dog attack and ran around in a sweatshirt for a month or so! He was one tough cookie! All of the others (9 now) are OK. Any thoughts? confused

#12026 - 03/21/06 09:02 AM Re: dead rooster..
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Had that happen to 2 hens, still a mystery. Heart attack?

#12027 - 03/23/06 11:29 PM Re: dead rooster..
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Been thinking about your post for the last couple days. I identify with the 'what the heck?' feeling you're having. I lost a hen yesterday, not to unknown causes, but to sudden flock violence. For unknown reasons, the others pecked at her butt and when daughter found her in the morning, she was dead with her insides missing. Of course, this was the hen I decided to keep as I was wrestling with the reality that it is time to thin the flock.

I keep telling myself, it's just a chicken, it's just a chicken, but I feel awful. Like I failed because I did not prevent this attack and death. I had been out there at midnight, all was fine, she was dead next morning at chore time. I can't believe how rotten I feel. So your post has been on my mind and I have no advice except we chicken fanciers have to have a strong constitution as it seems we suffer more than our fair share of unprovoked losses. I am sorry about your roo. frown


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