Hi, I'm relatively new to raising chickens so I have many questions, but today I'l stick to one. I have a mixed "flock" of banties and regular size chickens. I also raise mealworms to feed to bluebirds. I had been giving my chickens the "extra" beetles and worms that result when you raise mealworms, and they LOVE them. BUT in my research on the web, one site said that mealworms and darkling beetles are carriers of marek's disease. As I've had a few unexplained deaths among my chickens, I have quit giving mealworms of any sort or stage. Today, though I saw on Eggbay someone advertising golden mealworms for sale as a treat for chickens. My question is , does anyone have experience with mealworms carrying Marek's? Any other info regarding either would be much appreciated.
Thank You