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#12062 - 02/09/07 12:13 AM Re: Toes falling off (pics added!)
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Oh my gosh! I haven't been here in a while so just seeing the pics. How sweet! He really does look good. I wondered about the color of his comb but that could just be the way the picture came across. I love the idea of the rubber stopper for boots. And to Joachim, since you asked...there are always several choices of antibiotics. I didn't suggest the Terramycin, she asked about it. It is what I would have tried first because I always have it on hand but if she had named something else I would have given my opinion. I have actually had great luck with Terramycin, but you have to use the higher doses when you are treating an illness. When I have baby chicks I use half strength since they are not ill but it's being used for prevention. These instructions are on my bag. As for length of administration, part of the reason we have disease resistant "bugs" is people using antibiotics until they "feel better" rather than finishing out the entire dose. This allows the bacteria to become resistant. If Tylan is to be used for three days that's sufficient--I won't second guess your practice as I am not familiar with Tylan. Most antibiotics have something more like a 7-14 day recommendation when treating an illness.

#12063 - 02/09/07 04:02 AM Re: Toes falling off (pics added!)
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Hello again,

Most antibiotics have something more like a 7-14 day recommendation when treating an illness
yep, thatīs why I asked;-)

I know we need to use, say Baytril(sp?) longer, so we are really happy with Tylan. Again, I did not intend to question your advise, thanks for clearing this up and best greetings,


For all interested in dosage of Tylan, we phoned our vet and there are 2 ways he suggests:

either 3 days in a row,
or 2+2+2 days meaning 2 days medicine(sp?) + 2 days off/no meds + 2 days meds again.

Hope it helps, didnīt intend to give false information, Joachim

#12064 - 02/16/07 06:25 PM Re: Toes falling off (pics added!)
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That would be so gross to find a foot in the hallway eek I feel so sorry for you and FRODO frown Hope you work it out girl smile and him-her-IT too smile JULIA

#12065 - 03/26/07 10:19 PM Re: Toes falling off (pics added!)
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Welp, I have been going up to the pen daily since Spring Break began and noticed him getting worse. I decided that if he wasn't any better by Monday, I would go ahead and put him down. He made the decision for me and fell asleep by the watering trough.

I noticed that he was getting paler and paler in his face, while his comb and wattles were getting pinker. He just didn't look "right." I went up on Sunday, saw that his face was sagging, like his dad's does. You know, I figured it was genetics, but then I realized that he couldn't see very well. So, I pulled the skin on the back of his head up, and it didn't fall back down to a normal state. So I knew he was dehydrated. Gave him his own water bowl and he drank and drank and drank and went into his doghouse for the night. I decided not to feed him any scratch to see if his crop would decrease in size. Welp, I found him tonight lying by the trough and his crop had gone down in size, so I'm betting his genetics finally got him.

Thanks all for your help, but I guess there's not much point now. I'd still like to know how it came about, but I guess it doesn't matter as much as it used to.

I'm sure I'm going to show my ignorance here, but on most of my birds (by most I mean the ones I could catch) the crop seemed to be on the lefthand side. (You're holding the chicken, but towards your torso and feel for the crop. It tends to fall to the left of the sternum on the chicken.) Frodo's fell to the right side. Only to the right side. There was no middle. Could this have been a problem, or does it not matter which side of the sternum the crop rested near?

Thanks all for your help, but I guess it was all for nothing. At least he had a good few months left where he got to live in the house! Not many of my chickens get to say that!

#12066 - 03/27/07 07:43 AM Re: Toes falling off (pics added!)

Just found and read this thread. What a wonderful story with so much heart. I am sure Frodo had as good a life as could be expected in your capable and loving hands. If I ever end up a chicken, I'd love to live with you.

#12067 - 03/28/07 04:48 PM Re: Toes falling off (pics added!)
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I am so sorry about Frodo. But, as you said, you made his last days/weeks better than any chicken could expect! I'm sure he was happy. Sometimes things just happen and we never really know why. It does make it difficult, we as humans like to have all the answers. But you have to just rest in the knowledge that you did all you possibly could. Most of my chickens crops are on their right, by the way.

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