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#13164 - 05/16/07 05:17 PM Odd symtom: Purple Comb

I have a 2 year old rooster who has all his life had brilliant red comb and wattles. Today I noticed that they have turned a deep reddish purple. We are slightly worried, as he means a lot to my daughter, but he is no exhibiting any other symtoms that i know of (his eyes are bright, he is as moblie as ever, etc.). In case it helps, he is deformed, has always been, and his left leg is twisted around and useless. He uses that knee like a peg leg. He would have been culled before he hatched anywhere else, but we have them as pets. Oherwise he is normal. He looks like a Columbian Wyanndote, but is rather small for that breed.

EDIT: This is wierd. Sometimes hes completely normal coloured, sometimes he looks like an eggplant. Just noticed that. confused

#13165 - 05/16/07 11:24 PM Re: Odd symtom: Purple Comb
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Good Morning OjaiChick,

sorry, donīt know for sure, but I think(!) purple faces/combs are a sign of "oxygen-lack"(sp?). Our cockerels get purple combs after long and straining fighting also sometimes, but after a short time their combs return to the normal bright red.

Hope it helps and best greetings,


#13166 - 05/18/07 08:05 PM Re: Odd symtom: Purple Comb

He seems to be fine now... we thought of that. our other roosters are actually penned, so that couldnt be it, but there is a new puppy we have, but he hasnt fought with him. Thanks.

#13167 - 06/02/07 12:05 AM Re: Odd symtom: Purple Comb
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When birds, mostly cocks, are exited in general some get bit purple combs mostly the outer ends, you see it on shows sometimes. Looks the same as if frost bite. As long as he breathes normally there's nothing wrong.


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