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#13496 - 05/16/05 09:16 AM Black Poop? LONG POST
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I got a 6.5 week old flock (details below). They are no longer on any heat and are being fed NON-medicated feed, they were started on medicated feed for the first 5 weeks. They were moved to their coop and are EXTREMELY happy and healthy there; they can't even wait for me to open the door in the morning to fly out and scratch. One of the cockerels even attacked me (I smell soup). The only thing that concerns me is their poop. I see that most of them are pooping mushy black poop and some are very watery (like if they were urinating from their vents, I know they don't urinate). It was not always like this, before the switch to the coop and the change in feed they were pooping "ideal poop" (nice dark green with a white cap. It has been this way for about 5 days now and they don't seem to be affected by this at all. Should I be worried? What could be causing this? Could it be that they are now being exposed to dirt? Should I have kept them on medicated feed while introducing them to dirt, NO BRAINER Cocci? Is it worms from the dirt? Any info would be greatly appreciated. confused

#13497 - 05/16/05 09:41 AM Re: Black Poop? LONG POST

If you're sure that what you are seeing are not cecal droppings, take a sample to a vet to be tested. The test is very inexpensive and the results will tell you if they have any parasites.

As the weather gets warmer and they drink more water, their droppings can become quite loose which may account for the watery consistency.

#13498 - 05/16/05 11:15 AM Re: Black Poop? LONG POST
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Why did you change their feed? I continue with medicated START & GROW feed until the pullets begin to lay--4-5 months. No need to change. But often a change in feed will make a temporary change in look of the poop. You probably have nothing to worry about. CJR


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