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#13526 - 07/01/05 08:15 PM Does this sound like broodiness or what???
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My 13 month old black austrolorp hen won't get off the nesting box. She has lost quite a few feathers off her chest area which has me pretty worried. I'm not sure why she would lose so many feathers...could they be wearing off?? When I visit the henhouse around 6:00pm after work she has 5-6 eggs she's sitting on. She'll let me lift her off the nest and I've put her on the floor but she just flops back down. At first I separated her from the others because I thought she was sick but she kind of perked up and stood up and moved around a little. I eventually put her back in with the others because she really seemed fine. I think her legs are stiff and she can't stand up very well. She stays in there all the time. I'm worried she doesn't get enough water or food. Anyone have any advice?

#13527 - 07/01/05 09:07 PM Re: Does this sound like broodiness or what???
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she is trying to hatch the eggs. they pull thier feathers to keep the eggs warm. she only leaves the nest 1 time a day to eat, deficate, and drink.
leave her be if you want chicks, maybe give her her own quarters with food, water and no other chickens to bother her.

#13528 - 07/01/05 10:40 PM Re: Does this sound like broodiness or what???
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She is in a perfectly normal state--and will remain this way, either until she hatches (do you have a rooster, so the eggs will be fertile?) or until you remove her from any opportunity to sit in any nest. Are any other hens laying in the nest? (BAD THING, mark her eggs right now so you can remove any others!!) She will not be laying any more eggs while she is setting. If you want chicks, mark your calendar for 21 days since she has been on the nest night and day--so you can be prepared for the hatch, with Chick Starter, waterers that chicks can't drown in--and a place safe from other chickens (if you have others?) Good luck, CJR


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