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#13643 - 06/06/05 10:11 AM Bad feet on Dutch Bantams

I have been having trouble with the feet on my dutch Bantams. I am not sure if it is genetic or environmental. The problem started with one rooster whos feet became very crusty and his foot finally fell off. The circulation appears to stop in their feet. After it crust over, the areas crack open. it looks just like a calcium deposit building up over the scales as the scales fall off. It appears to be happening this time to several hens and another rooster that are about one year to two years old. No one knows what it is and how to control this. I also have Barred rock layers and they seem perfectly fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

#13644 - 06/06/05 12:44 PM Re: Bad feet on Dutch Bantams

You write that the problem is on the feet. Is it also on their legs? It sounds to me like Scaley Leg Mites and you seem to have a bad infestation. There are several recommended treatments so you should do a search so you can review them all.
My preferred treatment is 50/50 Kerosene/Raw Linseed Oil. I mix it in a small coffee can and dip the legs up to the hock joint. I like to do it in the morning so the legs are good and dry by the time the bird goes to roost at night. Be sure if you use this method to use Raw Linseed Oil, not Boiled. Dip the legs every few days for a couple of weeks and you will see improvement. The worst birds will likely lose their scales and not get them back.
You should treat all of your birds, sounds like it has a strong hold in your flock. Brushing it on their roosts would help as well.

#13645 - 06/07/05 03:20 PM Re: Bad feet on Dutch Bantams
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Oldclunker--See the Campho-phenique post next below this one--it is clean--effective. Will take several treatments about a week apart. Your Dutch actually can be killed by the heavy infection--and dreadful to lose toes, and it is terribly painful for the birds. With just several to treat, get a bottle of Campho-phenique,at your Drug Storel follow the instructions on the post on the TOPIC: Scaly Leg----and your birds will thank you.

Watch the large flowl, but their heavier scales have so far protected them from the mites.


#13646 - 06/09/05 03:16 PM Re: Bad feet on Dutch Bantams
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yeah, what they said. You have scaly leg mites. I buy a sulfur ointment for poultry and apply to their legs every few days. You can also use bagbalm , anything to suffocate the little buggers.
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