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#13689 - 06/08/05 07:00 PM egg with discharge three eggs in a row

I have a nearly year-old ameraucana. She started laying in early January. Until April, there was light in the coop. I was out of the country and an electrician turned off the coop lights. When I returned three weeks later, the ameraucana had started a slow moult. She had shed her muff and beard feathers that have yet to be replaced. The moulting stopped and all the girls are laying again, but not at the same rate they were laying before. The first sign of trouble was what I thought to be an egg without a shell I thought had been laid by one of my d'uccles. It had a blue egg on top of the broken mess. The next two eggs from the ameraucana came in a poop of the same goop. The egg today had much less of the goop (it look like egg white with yolk floating about. A bit of yolk is always stuck to the egg.

The ameraucana looks skinny. I thought it might be she'd moulted more of her feathers, but upon inspection, she feels lighter. All the girls (I have seven) seem themselves but are taking naps in the sunny spots more than they did in the winter.

Does this egg goop story ring any bells? If so, what can I do for my girl.

Thanks so much for any help,

Olivia Grace

#13690 - 06/09/05 02:13 PM Re: egg with discharge three eggs in a row
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I don't know that there is anything you can do but wait it out and hope it clears up. It may all be due to lighting mess up. You might give them some poultry vitamins for a week to help with stress. Sorry thats not much help.

Bill L

#13691 - 06/11/05 07:41 AM Re: egg with discharge three eggs in a row

Thanks and thanks again, Bill. Any help is welcome.



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