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#13844 - 02/27/04 11:01 AM new chick arrived

I had one chick opening its mouth to breath and sneezing a litte. That chick seems to have calm down and is resting. I thought it might have been from all the shipping stress. No more sneezing. That chick had no runny or wet eyes or nostrils. Now, I believe this second problem is a different chick, but hard to tell because they are black orpington standard chicks, and all look a like to me. This chick would start to rub its face and neck with one or try both feet, like to scratch an itch. Then it would fall either backwards or forwards. Then at times it would just flop about and run and scratch and jump. I didn't see any mites or anything. I got the chick to settle down. This went on and off for about 20 minutes. I did notice a little scratch under its right eye on its neck area. I put some antibiotic ointment on it and it settled down. Anyone have any clue of what is going on. I am new to all this. Thanks.
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#13845 - 02/27/04 06:59 PM Re: new chick arrived

Thanks but I got my answer later in the day. All the chicks are doing well. I hope everyone out there is doing well with their broods.

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#13846 - 02/28/04 01:22 PM Re: new chick arrived
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Are you anywhere near the Little Rhody Egg Farm? They had AI and had to wipe out all of their hens. Bummer!
I've never hatched or bought or got sent chicks: mine are from my son's school's hatch project.
I'm glad that they're doing fine. Good luck.

#13847 - 02/29/04 04:16 PM Re: new chick arrived

Hi I am about 10 miles or less from the Little Rhody Farm. I know all about them. No, this chick is not sick but probably immature and too little for the breed size. That is why eggs of the correct size should be set. I guess he will survive eventhough at times I question that. He drinks but doesn't eat yet. I don't know if it is a cockerel or poulet. I am using the pronoun he for convience. I have 43 chicks so far and have another 50 coming. I am a nurse so I am aware of disease and how to look for it. I have a progressive vet also. I know the breeders I am getting the chickens from and all are NPIP cert. I raise purebreed orpingtons (standard). I will be breeding my own from this stock for a couple of years to keep things safe. It is ashame about AI but it isn't as wide spread as people fear. People tend to go overboard a bit. I know that just from human diseases and illness I see at work. But it never bad to be a little cautious. Have a great day.
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