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#14819 - 08/07/02 07:52 AM Re: Bare Skin Treatment

I'll just have to wait, I guess. The rooster has been seperated from the hens and I've checked the hens all over. No sores or wounds under the wing, thank goodness. The feathers are already starting to peek through the skin. I even made some pasta and threw quite a bit of flax seed and flax seed oil in, that should help. In the mean time, I'm working on getting that pic out. My scanner's fritzin out. Soon!

#14820 - 08/07/02 02:02 PM Re: Bare Skin Treatment
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Bigboy, For Showing Poultry, birds are entered in the classes for Cocks,(C) Hens, Cockerels,(K)or Pullets--still used regularly. In the south, referred most often as "cock-birds". To each his own. And I got tripped up on a request for "rooster eggs"--in my area after 60 years of poultry, I had never heard that term for fertile eggs. I thought the youngster wanted eggs that would hatch into roosters??? I told her I could not tell if they would hatch into roosters or hens!! Doubtless she though I was a crock! I am still learning!! -- CJR

#14821 - 08/07/02 08:52 PM Re: Bare Skin Treatment

I loved the cape story and the rooster's hat story. Made my day. I'll have to remember that this Fall.

#14822 - 08/08/02 04:22 AM Re: Bare Skin Treatment
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CJR, I got a good laugh out of that one. What was meant by my addendum was that those words are not more commonly used rather than typing 'roos' or roosters. Is it that we are uncomfortable with them or is it that they are most often used by breeders and exhibitors, that is, as part of a professional lexicon like the use of bitch among dog breeders and exhibitors?

#14823 - 08/08/02 05:26 AM Re: Bare Skin Treatment
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For me and the places I've lived, I've only been exposed to the term "cock" with respect to cock fighting. Maybe that is the turn-off for me with the term. Before finding The Coop, I never said "roo". We've just always said rooster. Truth be told, around the house, we use our rooster's names -- those that we keep for breeding, since they are around a long time. When raising a brood and the males are going for meat, we call them cockrels.


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