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#15109 - 09/28/06 08:29 AM "Barking" Barred Rock

Noticed that some of you have "wheezing" barred rocks. Yesterday morn I noticed one of mine (approx. 16 wks old) was doing that "barking" sound, perhaps a cough? followed by beak movement, as tho tasting something. I could tell by her eyes, she didn't feel good, but she moved around all day, scratching and seeming to eat. She didn't take her usual greedy portion of bread crumbs (maybe because I had sprinkled them with Teramycin and Rooster booster (a vit-wormer). By evening, I could also hear a low wheezing, almost like humming as she exhaled. She would shake her head occasionally, and scratch at her facial area. Best I can identify with symptoms might be gape worm. I've heard this barking before but not with other symptoms, and either it went away or the chicken got along fine living with it. Wouldn't you know..she's very special. Please advise soon if this sounds familiar.

#15110 - 09/28/06 09:04 AM Re: "Barking" Barred Rock
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Seems like a lot of disorders surface during weather changes, the change stresses the birds, and other animals too, which allows problems "under the surface" to appear. Plenty of air movement, not directly on them, will help. My barns are open year round, uncomfortable for me but best for the animals. I used to have lots of problems until I began a ruthless culling program and improved air exchange. Other breeders have noticed that my birds dont get sick, frosted combs(rarely), and never get breathing problems even tho they are next to open doors. Changing weather and damp conditions in the pens are troubles waiting to happen.

#15111 - 09/28/06 11:33 PM Re: "Barking" Barred Rock

It has been very wet this month in Michigan, and the sun doesn't stay out long enuff to dry up the dirt. My coop has two screened windows for air to circulate as well, and I kept a window fan in one of them for most of hot days. Mostly my chickens have fared pretty well, having never experienced a severe illness. I think this one is bad..when they have trouble breathing. It sounds like there is something stuck in there, but I don't see it.

#15112 - 09/29/06 07:37 AM Re: "Barking" Barred Rock

This is the 3rd morn I've treated her with teramycin, Vet RX and last nite, steam mist vapo. I was thinking it might be bacterial like bronchitis or airsacs. Her barking is less frequent, but she stretches her neck to take a long, deep breath which sounds hollow and raspy. Now I'm wondering if it is gapeworm? Does anyone have a symptom qualifier that might distinguish the two? If it is more respiratory, is teramycin strong enough? Any suggestion is appreciated right now.

#15113 - 09/29/06 08:17 AM Re: "Barking" Barred Rock
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I believe if you open the mouth and look in,you can see the gapeworm. Uncommon.CJR

#15114 - 09/29/06 11:23 PM Re: "Barking" Barred Rock
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I had a white leghorn pullet in years past that had a crushed windpipe. She made all sorts of funny noises, not unlike sneezing, and hiccupping. She also stretched her neck trying to take great gulps of air. For a while I thought she was a cockerel trying to crow. Anyway she became unthrifty so she was dispatched and it was when I did the PM on her that I found her crushed windpipe. Instead of nice round sections of cartlege, there was just a narrow slit.

#15115 - 10/01/06 07:43 PM Re: "Barking" Barred Rock

After having my hen on biotics for 3 days with no improvement, she (Miss Peepers) started coughing up bloody mucous, so I went back to my 1st thought of gapeworm, and after some research and CJR's advice to look in her throat, I was able to get a glimpse of what looked like a bit of dark pink blood vessel. Rushed out for Piperazine (not my first choice, but nothing else available), and found out from a Vet & poultry specialist that it wouldn't work! I just happend to have some Ivermectin horse paste in a tube for a 1250 lb. horse, which I had planned on putting a bit in another hen's eye for eye worm. (So far it hasn't improved the eyeworm. I gave her a bit orally, and today put it directly in her eye).

The Vet was sceptical for fear of overdose, but relented if I only smeared a bitty bit on a wet q-tip and dabbed it in her mouth. The poultry specialist was more relaxed and said to use just under a pea-size amt. I'll have you know, that within hours, Miss Peepers had quit barking (coughing). By evening, she was eating bread crumbs again. I'm keeping up the biotics for a while, in case she has some other respiratory problem from the worm, like pneumonia. She's still a bit raspy. And, I'm keeping her isolated for a couple of more days in case her stools are infectious (worm eggs). Gosh! I will give her another q-tipping once a wk/for 3 more wks. I have had such a bad month with sick animals, it feels so good when one ends up being saved. Thanks to people like you who respond and care. I'll be posting this on the coop. I didn't have any idea how to tell gape from a cold.

smile Viggy


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