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#15270 - 09/19/04 03:16 PM Re: Soft-shelled egg....AGAIN...Now what?
Sandy C. Offline
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Sounds like a good idea TC
I am sure you will be keeping a close eye on her, if she gets badly picked on when you return her make sure she doesn't stress out too much over it... it could bring on symptoms again


#15271 - 09/20/04 12:30 AM Re: Soft-shelled egg....AGAIN...Now what?

Vitamin deficiency seriously affects egg shells!

Just an update on the improvement in my pullet's performance.

You'll remember I jumped onto this thread to say I had similar problems with a pullet to those Collective's pullet was having.

She is now completely restored. Sandy's hint about vitamin deficiency was dead on - out of date food caused by keeping a small number of birds and a large sack of pellets lasting too long.

The day after I gave her a few drops of cod liver oil, she laid her first properly shelled egg in six weeks, it was exceptionally pale, long and thin, but it had a shell. Over the last week, her eggs have been restored to normal in shell density, shape, size and colour, to the extent that now, it is hard to tell them apart from those of the other hen.

Funny that it only affected one of them, but I suppose individual differences apply to the ability to metabolise calcium in a vitamin deficient environment as well as they apply to other things.

I've PM'd Sandy expressing my appreciation, but I'd like to thank CJR and others for their suggestions too. Two or three heads are better than one, as we say here in the UK.

I hope Collectives pullet recovers as well as mine did.

#15272 - 09/20/04 08:08 AM Re: Soft-shelled egg....AGAIN...Now what?

I am very happy for you Clucker. I am relieved to say that I took Belch out of isolation last evening and allowed The Collective to re-assimilate her. This morning she seems just fine.
I don't expect an egg from her for a while due to the stress and all. But there is no more 'leakage', and her poo looks like it should. I would like to be able to say the cod liver oil was the saving element, but I could not find any. I went to the City and the local 'large' feed store. The guy looked at me like I had two heads when I asked where I might find it.
So I only came away with Damerow's The Chicken Health Handbook. I would like to keep some on hand if someone could tell me where to get it. I am thinking it sounds like something I might find in a Health Foods store. I don't know why it's not easy for me to find, unless you consider that I have never heard of it before. At first I was thinking of the spoonful of stuff given to 'Tom Sawyer', then realized that was Castor Oil or some such. Silly me and pardon my ignorance.

I would like to also note something about 'Isolation'. For those who have not had to do it to their 'pets'. It was very hard. It made me feel badly. I could not help but think I was making the situation for my girl even worse. I felt guilty. Her guiet little squawks pierced my mind and pulled on my heart-strings. HOWEVER, it was worth it for her sake. I will not feel badly should I have to isolate any of the girls in the future. If you are in a situation where you must do it for the first time, just do it and get it over with. You, also, will be glad you did. Trust me.


#15273 - 09/21/04 03:51 AM Re: Soft-shelled egg....AGAIN...Now what?
Spotted Crow Offline
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I'm glad Belch is doing better. I can get cod liver oil at the CVS, a local pharmacy, over here on the other coast. They sell it in gel caps. cut one open and pour it into a spoon, I guess. My girls will eat off a spoon. If not health food store should carry it.
Good luck. another thing to keep on hand to flush vents, might be a vinegar and water or just plain water,if they make those, douche.

#15274 - 09/21/04 03:00 PM Re: Soft-shelled egg....AGAIN...Now what?
Bill Ludwig Offline
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Cod liver oil can be found at most larger grocery stores.
Your hen "belch" may relapse. She probably stopped egg production do to stress either from infection or the added handling and isolation. When she starts production again this will likely repete itself frown . I hope not and wish you the has been my personal experience with similar troubles that it will return.
I am also having trouble with a young pullet right now myself. She hasn't been laying long and I am hoping she will come out of it.


#15275 - 09/21/04 05:30 PM Re: Soft-shelled egg....AGAIN...Now what?
CJR Offline
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Bill, Thank you for your endless patience, and very good responses. If readers would just read?? CJR

#15276 - 09/21/04 06:41 PM Re: Soft-shelled egg....AGAIN...Now what?

Bill - CJR:
Yes, thank you for your patience and guidence. I will probably always be the first to acknowledge your experience while admitting my indebtness.

I wish you the best with your pullet, Bill. Somehow I suspect she couldn't be in better hands.

I did purchase cod liver oil, and will keep it on hand for 'the just in cases'.

I am not certain I understand some of the posts just before this one. If I have missed something, please tell me so I will have confidence instead of feeling uneasy about 'treating' my recovering pullet.



#15277 - 09/24/04 09:47 PM Re: Soft-shelled egg....AGAIN...Now what?

Oh happy day....oh happy day!
10 RIR = 10 eggs collected today!!!
That would seem to be telling me all is well with The Collective.

Oh happy day! smile

Thanks again to everyone for the guidence, patience, and advise.

You all Rock and Roll!


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