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#15994 - 02/20/04 06:13 PM chickens all dying

we are very new to the chicken thing. loved it till our chickens started dying. started out with all silkies and then added some from a neighbor who raises alot of different breeds. (not blaming her) Once we added the new chickens, old and new started acting like they had asthma, couldn't breath, lungs sounded very wet, eyes swelled shut. Some had blood above eyes, some just matted over. Poop seems normal? They become very lethargic. usually die within week of displaying symptoms called vet, tried Sulmet, did not work, tried Tetracycline, has not worked. Had hay in the coop, removed and added pine shavings. Had multiple changes in weather of 20 degress or more. most of the chickens are now separated but not sure where to go next. Sorry this is so long, new to chicken and the computer... Any suggestions? thank you. Mack

#15995 - 02/20/04 07:32 PM Re: chickens all dying

Sounds like Laryngotracheitis. It is caused by a
virus and there is no cure once the birds get it.
This is why Sulmet and Tetracycline did not work.
The antibiotics are for bacteria. The disease was
probably introduced by the new birds and infected
the others. I wish I had good news but...I hope I
am wrong.

#15996 - 02/21/04 07:46 AM Re: chickens all dying

We looked it up on the net and it sounds like thats it but it also sounds a lot like infectious coryza which is just as bad. Does this mean I need to cull the entire flock and start over? disinfect all the equipment and the coop? What should i use for cleaner? Whats the best way to kill a chicked? (sorry, raised a vegetarian)This just stinks, all of our birds a pets. Thanks so much for the help. Mack

#15997 - 02/21/04 09:22 AM Re: chickens all dying

Welcome Mack,I can't be of any help with your problem,however ,I can offer a suggeston on how to prevent it in the future.Advoid the temptation of adding to your flock by NOT buying birds from neighbors, barn sales,flea-markets,hillbilly sales,ect.There are many excellent hatcheries ,shop around ,find one that has what you like at a agreeable price and go from there.I personaly like this one.

#15998 - 02/21/04 12:08 PM Re: chickens all dying


Well if it was LT the neighbors birds would have been dead

birds with LT shake their heads and sling blood every where
they can't breath and sure do die with in a couple weeks.

It is CRD or Croyza

and yes all the birds are carriers even if they get over it.

that is why the neighbors birds lived and gave it to yours

they were carriers and learned to live with it. They will heal up and then a cold spell or rainy weather comes and they are sick again

Terrmycin is wasted effort on any thing as it does not have effectivenes since 1990 when they took out the goody of the medication USDA required them to.

Also it will need to have tylan 50 injectable 1 cc per day for 5 days if large fowl
if bantams 1/2 cc for 5 days

Also can take and use Vetrx on the heads under the wings and down the throat and in the eyes

(1 1/2 ts per day down the throat
(2 1 tsp per gallon of water endfeinetly till they are well
(3 a couple dropes in each eye twice a day
(4 rub their head and under wings with it good.

Don't spare the Vetrex
Can order from

He has the tylan 50 injectable also.
And get some tylan powder for the drinking water
Put the vetrx in water with any medication as it will not hurt any thing.

Now as to the culling yes they are carriers and will only make all the birds get sick at least a couple times a yr.

and don't sell them to recoop money the next guy will have the same problems.

more information on diseases at my web site
click on diseases
can email me privately will try and help

Glenda L heywood

#15999 - 02/22/04 06:29 AM Re: chickens all dying

Thank you to all for you help and trust me, I'm not going to sell to anyone. I could never put another family through this. Its heartbreaking... Mack


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