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#16028 - 05/21/05 09:14 PM Lethargic chick

11 week old female RIR.
Lost all color in face and wattles.
Moving very slowly or not at all.
Acting very very sleepy.
Feathers kinda puffed up.
Head pulled in tight to the body.
Poop is the right color but very small amount and loose with a bit of foam but smells normal with no visable parasites.
Saw her drink quite a bit and saw her eat a little amount.
NO access to anything toxic.
No nasal discharge.
No external parasites.
None of the others displaying any problems.
No changes in food, water, coop mates or environment.
Appeared fine at lock-up last night 8:30pm.
Noticed her odd behavior immeadiately this morning at 6:30am which progressively got worse until this evening around 7:00pm which was when I saw her peck at the food for a minute and have a very small poop. This was a very big improvement I spent about 1 hr this am and about 1 hr this pm sitting in the coop watching her.

I was suppose to go and visit a man about 2 hrs away from here tommorow to see his chickens as he has quite a variety and is a breeder. I phoned him and left a message to cancel our appointment just to be on the safe side. I will call again in the am to reschedule in 2 weeks or so. I was so looking forward to seeing his birds tommorow.

#16029 - 05/22/05 11:49 AM Re: Lethargic chick
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Don't have a clue what to suggest. How is its weight? Any chance it has been bullied away from the feeder? You already know the basics. Isolation, comfortable and vitamins or cod liver oil for a boost. Let us know how it is doing.

Bill L

#16030 - 05/22/05 12:32 PM Re: Lethargic chick

Doing a bit better this am, but not 100%. Did not isolate her as she is very attached to the "wild child" of this group of chicks and I was sure this would put her in more distress and there was not a hope of catching her buddy for company. Nobody is picking at her and they let her eat at will so I thought to leave well enough alone as she seems to have improved a bit. Time will tell but I sure wish chickens could talk.


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