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#16910 - 04/10/07 05:30 PM Infection possibility??
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This seems to be an ongoing issue here we go again, but I am going to try to take it another direction.
Have a hen (Basil) who has had a swollen abdomen for at least the last couple weeks. She looked like she was going to die, then out of nowhere snapped out of it a bit and actually looked on the verge of recovery. Today was not a good day. I had been keeping all my girls locked up and my roosters seperated. Basil had been let out of the coop every morning and allowed to free range with my 2 Anconas. Since I hadn't let the roosters out to roam in a while, I was feeling bad and decided to let them out while I was in the yard. Basil was walking around with me while I did chores. Well...I went into the pen to put fresh water...the rooster came flying across the yard after her. I can't say forsure if he actually 'bred' (he is known to miss more often then not) but then, one of my SLW attacked Basil while the rooster still had her, then proceed to practically drag her across the yard. I'm sure I looked like an out of control crazy person trying to get to her. She was laying flat on her side and wouldn't move. I smacked the hen, grabbed both the roosters and put them up, then brought Basil in the house. She was gasping for air and was almost like hiccuping or something. She managed to recover after a bit of time in my lap. Her problems are bigger then all that, but I won't go into that.
To my point...
I guess my biggest question is...if this in in fact an infection she has, what are the chances of my rooster getting it and spreading it to my other hens??
I have Tylan and Terramycin on immediate hand as well as Penicillyn (but I really don't want to go around giving shots). My seperation facilities are minimal. If I leave the roosters in the same pens at night that they spend their days, they have no protection if an animal gets through the fence.
Sorry for rambling about this, but I'm a bit rattled at the moment. I was trying to help Basil without jeporadizing the rest of my flock and in the blink of an eye, I'm afraid I have created a potential catastrophy.

#16911 - 04/11/07 05:01 PM Re: Infection possibility??
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I don't think your rooster will spread anything from Basil to the others. If it is contagious the others have been exposed already. Since she is ill it is possible she will continue to be a victim of attacks from the others. Your best bet with the symptom of a swollen abdomen would be the Tylan but it has been my experience that you may be just prolonging her troubles. Good luck to you!

Bill L


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