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#16965 - 06/05/05 10:32 AM vaccinations ???

do my hens need vaccinating ... i have noticed a lot of flies in the coop is it a danger ... the flies could lay the eggs on the hens and then the eggs could hath is it dangerous... also what is dusting for mites is it important...........................please help me confused frown

#16966 - 06/05/05 12:31 PM Re: vaccinations ???
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Vaccinations are for prevention of diseases that may be prevalent in your area. There are few vaccines to prevent disease--and all are useful only if you know the risks. Flies do not lay eggs on chickens (raw wounds, an exception). Tney muliply from eggs hatched in manure, garbage, and then become pests--few diseases of poultry are carried by flies. They are a terrible nuisance and not easy to control, but there are products that can help, but I have no idea what may be available in your country--or what would be successful for you. Try to eliminate places they may multiply--be aware, but not to worry.

Mites can be seen by examining your birds carefully, under the feathers, on the skin, especially around the vent area. It is important to dust for mites/lice, only if your birds have them. Best to limit use of any active ingredients on your birds (and also on your own skin) to actual identified need! CJR

#16967 - 06/05/05 01:55 PM Re: vaccinations ???

Prevention is better than treatment, though vaccinations aren't mandatory. They're highly recommended when your birds interact with outside birds though, like if they go to a fair. Dusting for mites is also not mandatory, but a good idea. It's not that expensive, (usually) and can save you alot of trouble, same thing with the vaccines.


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