Hi All!

I have had 10 chickens (3 australorps, 3 RIR, 3 Barred plymouth rocks, and 1 buff white tailed Old English Game roo) for 1 year and this year added 2 araucana chicks who are now about 2 months old. We have 2 acres near a brook and woods and ticks have been a huge problem in past years. Yesterday I found a deer tick near one of the chicks eyes.

My question is do chickens get Lyme disease?

I had hoped that the chickens would help get rid of ticks, but I guess there's a reason they don't have the same reputation as guineas when it comes to that. I'm planning on getting a couple guinea fowl, but I don't know if two are enough to take care of the tick problem. I'd get more, but we're running out of coop space.

I welcome any thoughts