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#17893 - 05/12/07 08:24 PM Molting questions?????
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Hello everyone. I have 10 month old pullets. I think they are starting to molt. Does a chicken lose feathers all over her body when she molts or is it mostly in a few specific areas? How long does their molt last? Do they lay eggs during the time they experience feather loss? Of the 12 pullets I have, their daily egg production is about 6 to 8 eggs instead of 9 to 10 eggs. Most of my hens are losing feathers around their neck and chest area, their bottom and around their vent. Is this normal? Can anyone send me a picture of what chickens look like when they are molting? Thanks.

#17894 - 05/14/07 06:01 PM Re: Molting questions?????
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I don't have a picture, sorry. But when my girls molt they look like I've 1/2 plucked them. They are pretty naked. Egg production is down too.
Sounds like your girls are fine.

#17895 - 05/14/07 08:57 PM Re: Molting questions?????
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This rather sorry looking article is one of my gold laced wyandottes in moult. She lost nearly all of her feathers poor thing.

#17896 - 05/15/07 06:59 AM Re: Molting questions?????
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Hello Birdygirl,

maybe these pics help, they were taken during several stages of molting from the same hen:

Frida: and the following

Lisa: and the following pics. As a comparison this pic shows her barebacked due to cockīs treadle, note the difference:

In our birds I can see the molt "sweeping" over the bird like a "wave", the birds donīt molt at "whole" the same time but rather start from the back.

Hope it helps and best greetings,


PS: I know the above are links and not pics, I wanted to save bandwidth. To see the photos just click on the links and follow the navigation.


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