BuckeyeBoy, I don't know much about lighting for hens, but in dairy cows, you don't get the milk production with 24 hour a day lighting that you get with 14-15 hour a day lighting. When you go to 24 hour lighting, you're really messing up their melatonin release, and since that's one of the master hormones, this is Not a Good Thing. smile The idea is to mimic a spring day when they want to lay eggs and the calves are on the ground needing milk. When you go 24 hours, you've gone beyond suppressing melatonin like a spring day, and you're trying to suppress it entirely. You don't want to do that if you can help it. Cows need quite a few foot candles of light to affect them, but I don't think poultry are as fussy this way. Like I said, I'm not up on it. But in general, you want to keep the light at 14 hours or so for the best results/health in the flock.