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#18324 - 07/24/02 05:39 PM Help!! Sneezing / wheezing chook.

Today, I noticed that one of my ameraucana pullets has started to make strange sneezing / gurgling / wheezing noises, and when she makes the 'berk' noise that hens normaly make(as in "berk-berk-berk-urk") it sounds like Ber'cough'. She is still laying.

One of my silkies also has the same symptoms for the past 2 weeks.

Any ideas what could be the problem?

PS. It is the middle of winter here and it has been raining a lot lately so the run is muddy.

Also, I have 16 other hens that seem to be fine.


#18325 - 07/25/02 03:36 AM Re: Help!! Sneezing / wheezing chook.
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Could be just the 'wheezes' but I would separate these birds from the rest of the flock ASAP and place them in quarantine. I hesitate to recommend any vetting because I don't know the rest of your birds' history and I fear giving you advice that will be counterproductive. I will say that chickens prefer to be kept as dry as possible so if they have a dry shed to stay in it would be helpful. If they were mine and had no other symptoms, I would observe for 24 hours in quarantine and see if the condition improved once they were isolated and in dryer quarters. They would be caged and on clean straw or chopped hay and have an infra-red lamp suspended over the cage with plenty of fresh feed and water with the prescribed amount (based upoun the symptoms you have described) of aureomycin added. But I would check for: listlessness, wet exudate from the nostrils, swollen 'faces', foul odour from the respiratory system, condition and colour of fecal discharges (are they 'normal' or are they runnier than usual or the colour different than usual). Generally I would just check to see if they are very different than usual. I am not a Vet, I've just raised fowl long enough to get a feel for what's normal and what is not. When in doubt, check it out at your local vet.

#18326 - 07/25/02 06:29 AM Re: Help!! Sneezing / wheezing chook.

I had similar symptoms from a couple of birds after they got wet a few times, I gave them some extra vitamins for a few days and it really helped alot.. I followed CJR's method of putting 2 tablespoons of codliver oil on some multi-grain bread, cover it with another slice of bread (like making a sandwich), and I squish 'em together then take it out to the flock and give them equal ammounts... I gotta tell you though, that they go crazy for codliver oil sandwiches!! and after a few days will run to you when they see you!

I hope they get better!!


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