Goodness Leee.. I must have missed that post. Thanks for the info. I had assumed that all bodily function (heart beating and brain funtion being the most crucial) ceased once the spine was broken. Hmm... that is disturbing.

I know I have botched a couple of birds in the past and had to quickly grab an ax to finish the job. Very upsetting and horrid for the bird.

I am just gonna stick with what has worked for me. I recently culled a bunch of immature roos I didn't feel the need to raise up past 10 weeks (I knew who was who and these guys would never have been very meaty). We started up the CO2 box and killed about 25 in 2 hrs, probably could have done it faster but I was working in the garden so I had a bit of extra time. I personally checked on several of them after 15 secs and most were already unconcious on the floor of the box. It took about 3 lbs of dry ice total and was well worth the investment in my opinion.