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#1879 - 07/25/02 06:07 PM Re: Putting down hatchlings

oatman, well said!!!!!!! smile
susie, I did not know there could be any less than a 100% pet. A pet is a pet, if you keep the animal for a pet then there is only 100% to give.
on the other hand if you keep the animal for profit that is your choice and i guess there is nothing we can do about that but there are some of us here becouse we realy enjoy our chickens and are very intrested in bettering our skills with them. I dont believe that people will stop coming to this post becouse of some peoples opinions. they are opinions, and we are all entitled to them, even if one does not agree with them.

#1880 - 07/25/02 06:22 PM Re: Putting down hatchlings
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I'm not saying something can be a partial percentage "pet". I'm saying that not 100% of the members of this community keep chickens strictly as pets. For me it's not about pets or profit. It's about the enjoyment I get out of keeping them, giving my birds a life better than the commercial production outfits and it's about fresh eggs and high quality meat.

I also said everyone is entitled to their opinions. That includes me. And yes, there are already people saying they are afraid to post in this thread. How many are reading it and silent? On either side of the issue?

Like it or not, this is a site all about chickens and that means butchering and it also means taking care of chickens who are sick or need to be put down. Those discussions will take place here and the people who need that information on the most humane and safe ways to handle it need to feel comfortable posting.

I don't begrudge *anybody* their opinions!


#1881 - 07/26/02 06:37 AM Re: Putting down hatchlings
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Susie, yes, I realize that not every animal can be kept, and people don't have enough time to give individuals special attention. I do know that every day, countless chickens, who rely soleley upon their owners for safety and protection are "put down" just because they are or would be too burdensome for that owner. I am not blind to what happens in this world, and anything any one of us says or does can neither stop nor change what is happening out there. I am simply voicing an opinion, one lone and quiet. After all, what does a 15 year old know about life and death? To those of you who I may have offended, I will say that I'm sorry you have not come to terms with dealing with people of differing opinions, but that still does not change mine. To those of you who are too afraid of getting "beat down" by those who do not agree with what you have to say, I'd tell you to go ahead and post your thoughts on this issue. What good is an opinion that cannot be heard? And lastly, to those of you who considered my opinion and listened to what I had to say, I say "thank you" for taking time to know where I stand, even if you don't agree. With that said, and nothing more to add, I bid you happy debating.


#1882 - 07/26/02 07:55 AM Re: Putting down hatchlings
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the primary concern of the poultry farmer is the health of their flock, the health of any individual bird is a secondary and less important concern. Anyone who thinks twice about this should reconsider raising a flock of poultry and stick to individual pets.

In nature, natural selection maintains a flock's health from generation to generation. When we maintain a flock in captivity, we MUST try to duplicate nature's efforts to maintain a healthy flock. This means culling any individuals lacking a minimum level of fitness. And as another has pointed out, it means culling individuals that can adversely effect the flock's overall fitness. Even when the situation is excessive roosters. Whether to cull chicks or adults really doesn't matter, a bird gets killed. Timing is nothing but a judgement call to be left up to the poultry farmer, unless such a delay can effect the flock's fitness.

Anyone who allows their birds to reproduce has an ethical responsibility to maintain the health of the flock and it's genepool. This means that anyone who allows their flock to reproduce has an ethical responsibility to cull any birds not possessing a minimum level of fitness. For those that believe nature should take it's course, I suggest they listen to their own advice, let their flocks free into the wild and TRULY allow nature to take it's course. Nature will be able to better manage your flock's genepool and preserve it's health. Yes, my attitude is cold on this subject, but such is a reality for ANYONE who feels they have a right to allow thier flocks to reproduce. Those that don't have the stomache for such reality owes it to their breeds of choice to stick to non reproducing pets.
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#1883 - 07/27/02 06:15 PM Re: Putting down hatchlings
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I have enjoyed the posts thus far. The reason for my starting this thread was because this board deals with the whole arena of life and the issues of life as much as the genetics or housing or health or any other matters pertaining to poultry. I was not thinking that anyone should necessarily change points of view or areas of interest, but rather that we can come to a better understanding of ourselves and 'listening' to one another's thoughts and opinions and examining them through another's eyes and heart can serve as a means of judging our own and and settling the issues for ourselves. At the same time the human brain and intellect are not (for most of us) set in re-inforced concrete but are capable of making changes as required. Age (young or old) doesn't have as much to do with anything as the willingness AND ability to change if change is rationally indicated. Sometimes, even if we don't agree (perhaps cannot agree) we can leave avenues of communication open that may some day be needed by both parties. May God bless you all (for those of you who are not offended by the thought).

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