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#18818 - 12/30/06 04:45 PM Infectious to treat it?

we have a o.e.g.b hen that has Infectious Coryza and i would like to know how to treat it...

she does have the swollen eyelids and some nasal discharge.

do you think i can use penicillin to help treat the infection?

also, how long does the infection last?


#18819 - 12/31/06 01:27 PM Re: Infectious to treat it?
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No one has come to your rescue. I only know what I have in the Damerow Chicken Health Handbook. IF IT IS INFECTIOUS CORYZA?? you get rid of every sick bird. If they recover, they are carriers and you are in for a continual problem, losing birds. Of course you will want a Vet diagnosis, if you are going to have to get rid of birds! (After about 3 weeks, you can repopulate, the bacterium is not long--lived off the birds and is not carried in eggs--so you have a chance to hatch disease free chicks.)

I have never had the infection on my place and if it was truly diagnosed, I WOULD eliminate it by eliminating my birds. ( I think I would).

If it is something resembling Coryza, (such as Chronic Respiratory Disease-Mycoplasmosis), also bacteria, not a virus, there are treatments. I am not able to tell you what is recommended. If you go to the SEARCH function at the top of the pages, and ask for Coryza and CRD, you may get some help. It would include oxytetracycline, gallimycin, with one injection being the best form to start, with oral followup, such as in water. Mycoplasmosis IS carried in eggs, so you cannot hatch healthy chicks until the infection is gone.

Neither of these awful poultry disease bacteria will live off the birds, and in several days, youir pens are safe. (Like our common cold that plagues us--it is bird to bird and when dry and settled out of the air for a short time, it is non infectious.)

Good luck, CJR

#18820 - 01/01/07 01:35 AM Re: Infectious to treat it?

I use Tylan or Baytril. I also quaranteen and use a vic's vapor plug to help with breathing and loosen them up. Works wonders. wink


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