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#19412 - 11/20/04 09:40 PM Is my Cochin broody or sick?

My cochin has been laying eggs for about 3months.She has been in the nesting box since yesterday afternoon. I know that this breed is very broody, but she has been acting tired and droopy all day,she has not gotten out of the box , not even to eat or drink. This is my first broody hen (I think) so I don't know what to expect.Is this to early to go broody?Is this normal? confused

#19413 - 11/21/04 09:50 AM Re: Is my Cochin broody or sick?
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Broody is normal. Does she lift her feathers and kind of squeal at you when you pet her or look under her? A broody hen stays on the nest night and day, except she will get off to eat, drink and poop (a huge stinky poop) about once a day. A hen may seem kind of comotose when setting (not always, sometimes they are wicked and peck and bite when you check them.)
Are you planning to hatch her eggs? Do you have other hens that will be laying in her nest?, If she IS setting, she will not be laying for a few weeks. However,she will stay on the nest without eggs for a LONG time, so if you do not want to hatch, you will have to remove her from ANY comfortable nest for up to a week, to "break" her setting mode and give time for her hormones to revert to laying mode. Good luck, CJR

#19414 - 11/21/04 03:52 PM Re: Is my Cochin broody or sick?

I was given 3 hens and a rooster about a year ago and one of the hens was broody.All she did was sit on that nest and did not want to be bothered about it. I was worried that she would starve so I began to bring her food and sit it in a small dish some what close to her in her nest , also a small cup of water. She did eat and drink and the ONLY time she got up was to go poop.My guess is that your hen will eat too when she gets hungry enough and thirsty enough. Why not give it a try and see what happens.If after a while she doesnt eat or drink something else must be the matter with her.By the way my hen stayed broody for almost two months! I didnt know what to do and it would be another few weeks before I even heard of the "Coop". She finally snapped out of it when I took the egg away.Before , after a month and the egg didn't hatch ,I removed it and replaced it with another egg from one of my other hens.This hen would become my favourite and I would begin to see chickens in a whole different light and "Winnie" found a place in my heart.So, go for it and see if she will eat or drink if you put it right in front of her. After that though,after she does eat and drink, put the food OUTSIDE the nest where she will have to get up and exercise to get it. Good Luck!

#19415 - 11/21/04 05:02 PM Re: Is my Cochin broody or sick?
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I have 2 broody hens at the moment & I worry they will lose weight (they have to eggs to sit on, so I'm trying to stop the broodiness ... will put them in a bare cage as advised in earlier posts). I've found that when I feed the others, I also throw around some fresh greens then gently lift both hens out into the open feed area... it takes a couple of minutes until they "wake up" and start feeding/drinking/scratching... they stay like this for 30 mins or so and then both get back on the nest ... my point is that lifting them off the nest to encourage feeding doesn't seem to hurt them at all, and it certainly hasn't broken the broodiness.
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