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#19619 - 09/25/02 09:13 AM Duck does not want to walk

I have a two and half year old mix breed duck named Howie. A couple days ago, he started moving around while still sitting. Like, he'll walk, but not stand up. I hope that makes sense.

He was walking around this morning when I brought him outside, but when he tripped over a stick, he went back to sitting and waddling. I checked on him several times last night and each time that he saw me, he would stand up and come running over to me. But as soon as he's outside, it's back to the thing.

Howie's appetite is normal, his eyes are clear, he's alert, he's neither lighter nor heavier in weight, everything about him is fine except for the sitting thing. I checked his feet and can't see anything wrong there, either. The only possible thing is his butt looks heavy, but that's been like that ever since he reached maturity.

This may not be important, but we recently raised six mallard ducklings who have been hanging around the yard with Howie. They've almost got all of their adult plummage. Howie gets along fine with the ducklings and they don't seem to mind him. My mom mentioned that maybe Howie was having issues after being the only duck for such a long time.

I hope this makes sense. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out what is wrong with Howie and am losing sleep. I just want my duck to be OK.

#19620 - 09/26/02 05:29 AM Re: Duck does not want to walk
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I would say he injured himself somehow, maybe with a hard landing or drop from a height if he can't fly. I know my ducks like to climb on things and find it difficult getting down sometimes. If he can get around at all, he'll probably improve with time. Tripping over the stick really makes me think he was injured--it sounds like he jarred something and it hurt and he instantly went back to scooting around. I don't think the new ducks would be bothering him like that. Ducks are flock animals and he probably enjoys them if he is used to them now.

Good luck with him.


#19621 - 10/01/02 07:00 PM Re: Duck does not want to walk

Has Howie improved over the last week? I assume he is a white 'Easter' duck, the kind we got as kids? We once raised one who loved to follow us around the neighborhood, he got so excited we had to put a basket onto one of our bikes to ride him around in! It broke my heart when we finally released him into our local 'Duck Pond.' Which is a municipal lake that has been home to a robust Quaker duck population for nearly 80 years. Anyway, I was concerned about Howie and would like to know if he has improved??

#19622 - 10/01/02 10:02 PM Re: Duck does not want to walk

Thank you for the responses!

Howie seems to be fine now. The day after I posted, I saw him running around his pen after the hens and zooming around in his pool. Then, when a duckling happened by, it was back to the sitting thing. As the days progressed, he did it less and less and now he'll only do it when a duckling starts at him. I have no idea why this started and I have no idea why he's not doing it so much anymore. Nothing has changed. But he is a duck and I should not question his ways.

What's funny is Howie is a BIG duck (we think half Ruoen(sp?) and half blue Swede). He could eat the mallards for breakfast. But the poor thing is frightened of his own shadow and probably doesn't even realize that he is, in fact, a duck. His "flock" consists of the chickens and the ducklings must seem so odd and scary to him.

Anyway, I'm rambling and it's late. Thank you again for the replies and concern.


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